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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Loves The Morning Sun As She Works Out Amidst Nature

Samantha Ruth Prabhu`s Weight And Metabolism Will Shock You

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Loves The Morning Sun As She Works Out Amidst Nature


If you ever want to be inspired by celebrities who rise from the ashes after defeating an almost life-threatening disease and come back in action stronger, take inspiration from Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The Tollywood superstar is stronger and much more confident after she came out about suffering from dermatomyositis, a rare condition that causes muscle inflation.

Now, the Shaakuntalam actress has revealed what her Thursday morning looks like, and it will make you envious. Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared a series of photos in which she was seen working out in nature.

Though she did not reveal the location, it seems the actress is out for a decompressing holiday. She even gives her fans an insight into her weight, her metabolic age, and how she loves basking in the morning sun.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu's morning routine

Sharing a set of pictures on Instagram from what looked like her recent getaway, the Pushpa actress wrote, 'Forever seeking the morning sun. The best kind of mornings.'

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Her Instagram post had Taylor Swift's Ready for It playing in the background. In the first picture, she was seen working out under the sun, with lush greenery forming her backdrop.

She also shared a picture of a beautiful pool nestled amidst the greenery. Another picture reveals she weighs 50.1 kg and has a metabolic age of 23 at the age of 36.

As soon as the pictures went up, many celebrities took to the comment section and showered love. Mrunal Thakur dropped a heart eyes emoji, while filmmaker Nandini Reddy wrote, 'Same workout, just ippude chesa. Twice. (I just did the same workout twice).'

What is metabolic age, and how do you calculate it?

Metabolic age is all about knowing how many calories your body is capable of burning while at rest and how it compares to others who fall into your chronic age group.

It is a key factor in your fitness and overall well-being. You can calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) by factoring in elements like body composition, waist circumference, and resting blood pressure.

A nutritionist, a personal trainer, or even a fitness expert can help you understand more about this.

Samanta Ruth Prabhu on her divorce

Months after the rumors of the couple separating, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya officially declared their divorce in 2021. It was an ugly affair that made headlines in almost every news portal.

A year later, she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis, a rare condition that causes muscle inflation. It was a tough phase for her, both emotionally and physically. She opened up about the same in a recent interview.

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'I remember specifically the year before I had this problem it was an extremely difficult year for me. I specifically remember the day that I think my friend, partner, or manager, Himank, and I were traveling back from Mumbai. And this was in June of the year before last, and I remember telling him that finally I feel calm,' Samantha Prabhu said.

She further added, 'I haven't felt a little relaxed and a little calm in a very, very long time. And I finally feel like I can breathe and I can go to sleep, and I can now wake up and focus on my work and be the best that I can be at work. And I woke up with this condition (myositis).'


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