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RCFA S7: For The Love Of Indie Pop Music, Add These Soothing Songs To Your Indie Playlist

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RCFA S7: For The Love Of Indie Pop Music, Add These Soothing Songs To Your Indie Playlist

Radio City Freedom Awards (RCFA) is back with its season 7 and it is only getting bigger, better, and bolder. With several artists from across the country coming together to form a movement, this season of RCFA is truly bridging boundaries. If there's one genre in indie music that is widely loved, it has to be pop music. Soothing, relatable, and lyrics-focused - pop music has built a fanbase of its own over the years.

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With independent musicians creating great pop music, let us recommend some amazing independent pop songs that should definitely be on your indie playlist.From Anumita Nadesan's Khwaab to Rashmeet Kaur's Lagan Lagi, these indie pop songs will play on your mind on a loop throughout the day.

1. Katputli Ke Dhaage - Himonshu Parikh

The lead singer of The Yellow Diary collaborated with the Instagram-famous Anumita Nadesan to create this masterpiece. A song where lyrics are the hero, add this one to your indie playlist today.

2. Saza - Rajan Batra

Yet another song by The Yellow Diary's frontman, Saza is a musical melange of intense emotions and deep soulful connections. This indie pop song also marks his first-ever solo release.

3. Jaadoogari - Anand Bhaskar Collective

Jaadoogari is an experimental track by the indie band with its sounds and signature meld of Indian classical and pop rock. The song captures emotions that erupt when one falls in love and explores a love story that is out of this world.

4. Khwaab - Anumita Nadesan

The independent singer who started her journey by singing covers on Instagram now has a solo pop song on her name. A humble journey of a young, ambitious girl who isn't afraid to explore the world and is brave enough to chase her dreams is what Khwaab is all about.

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5. Lagan Lagi - Rashmeet Kaur

Mastering her art of adding a contemporary touch to the legacy folk music, Rashmeet Kaur is back with yet another classic Lagan Lagi. Adding her own interpretation to the already renowned song, this pop song needs to go straight up to your indie playlist.

6. Siddhant Bhosle - Nadaniya

The singer-songwriter has collaborated with other versatile artists in the past but that doesn't mean he cannot pack a punch on his own. With his latest indie release Nadaniya, the song and its music video will take you on a carefree and disco-funk ride. Starring actor Sana Saeed, Siddhant Bhosle has proved that he is not just an ace musician but also a great dancer.

Which of these independent pop tracks is making its way to your playlist?

Radio City Freedom Awards Sponsors

With reputable brands like Nisaan, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance, and MDACS coming on board, it only makes RCFA more credible and grandiose. We'd like to thank our jury members and associate sponsors for their unwavering support and belief in independent musicians across India.

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