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Madhuri Dixit: Candles shining brightest now are frontline workers | Latest Bollywood News & Gossip

Madhuri Dixit: Candles shining brightest now are frontline workers


JUNE 02,2020

Madhuri Dixit

Actress Madhuri Dixit's latest single "Candle" has received over seven million views online. Dedicating the song to frontline workers, she says they are the ones who are shining brightest in these dark times.

The song was recorded before the COVID-19 lockdown, in Los Angeles. 

"We thought of what would I sing about. I thought everybody goes through struggle in their life. But then you have to think that 'I am going to be stronger than this'. I wanted to tell that story. So we wrote the song," Madhuri told IANS, adding that "Candle" is a symbol of hope, positivity and faith for her.

"'Candle' signifies so many things. So we talked about candle in the song. Now when I look around, there is hopelessness and uncertainty. I had never thought that we would face something like this," she said referring to the pandemic.

"So, I thought this was the time when people needed that positivity. The feeling that everything is going to be okay. If we stay strong, we will all come out of this together and stronger," she added. 

She feels the candles that are shining brightest right now are the frontline workers. 
"The healthcare and sanitation workers, police, who are there to protect us. They are the real candles that are burning the brightest. I wanted to dedicate this song to them," she said. 

But the video was not shot earlier, so she had to do it within the confines of her home. 

"We talked to some people, checked on YouTube how to light up. Even though I am from the industry, I don't do the lighting and all. We have make-up artistes, hairdressers, stylists, DOP, cameramen, and everything is taken care of. It was for the first time that we had to do everything from scratch. We used iPhone, my husband's camera. He did the photography," said the actress. 

Her two sons also contributed to the video by sharing their opinions on it. 

"They were there when we finally did it. When we were editing the song, they said 'this is looking slow'. They are the ones who watch videos of songs. They were there to guide us to say 'this works or doesn't work'," she said.

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