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When Mumtaz Rejected Shammi Kapoor's Proposal, Leaving Him Heartbroken

When Mumtaz Rejected Shammi Kapoor`s Proposal And Broke His Heart

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When Mumtaz Rejected Shammi Kapoor's Proposal, Leaving Him Heartbroken


Mumtaz was one of the most successful actresses of the 1960s, starring in popular films like 'Ram Aur Shyam' and 'Loafer'. She also shared a great chemistry with Rajesh Khanna, with whom she worked in ten blockbuster films. She also shared a great on-screen chemistry with Shammi Kapoor.

While Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor did only two movies together, Vallah Kya Baat Hai in 1962, and Brahmachari in 1968, their pair was loved by fans. While the veteran actress has many anecdotes to share from her time of glory, she revealed something interesting in a recent interview, leaving the internet shocked.

In an interview, the actress revealed some surprising details about her relationship with another co-star, Shammi Kapoor. Did you know she had a huge crush on the actor?

The Love Story of Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor

Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor's romance was one of the most talked-about stories in Bollywood, even after decades. The duo fell in love while shooting for the song 'Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche' from the film 'Brahmachari.'

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Mumtaz confessed that she was smitten by Shammi Kapoor the first time she saw him. She said, "He was so handsome and charming. I couldn't take my eyes off him."

Shammi Kapoor also felt the same way about Mumtaz and proposed to her for marriage after dating for two to three years. However, he had a condition that Mumtaz had to quit acting and become his wife.

This comes as no news as the women in Kapoor family were not allowed to work, let alone be the leading ladies on celluloid. This tradition has been followed by every women in the Kapoor household, until Karisma Kapoor decided to break the stereotype.

The Reason Behind Mumtaz's Rejection

Mumtaz was not ready to give up her career and her dreams for Shammi Kapoor. She wanted to be a successful actress and not just a homemaker.

She said, "I told him I couldn't marry him because I wanted to work and fulfil my dreams. I didn't want to be a homemaker, taking care of his children and managing the household."

The Do Raaste actress's rejection angered and hurt Shammi Ji. He accused her of using him to get big films and not loving him sincerely.

He said, "If you would have truly loved me, you would've accepted my proposal and left working in films. You only pretend to love me because you wanted to score big films opposite me."

This broke Mumtaz's heart and their relationship had a rather tragic end.

Mumtaz's Relationship with Rajesh Khanna

Mumtaz also shared a close bond with Rajesh Khanna, who was the superstar of the 1970s. They delivered some of the best performances together. However, Mumtaz denied any rumours of having an affair with him.

She said, "We were a box office hit pair and worked in 10 successful films together, so it was obvious that people are going to assume that we were dating. But the truth is we didn't have an affair."

Mumtaz explained that actors who work together for a long time develop a comfort level and a rapport, which may be mistaken for something more. She also added that it was common for celebrities to fall in love and marry while working together, but that was not the case with her and the Anand actor.

The veteran star elaborated, "We are human beings at the end of the day, and it is natural for us to develop attachments. However, I want to clarify that I didn't have an affair with Rajesh Khanna."


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