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Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins are Back With Another Bold Care Advertisement Watch It Here

Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins are Back With Another Bold Care Advertisement Watch It Here

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Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins are Back With Another Bold Care Advertisement Watch It Here


Bold Care, a brand that provides sexual and reproductive health care products, has released the second installment of their #TakeBoldCareOfHer advertisement campaign. Following the success of the first ad, which starred Ranveer Singh and American adult star Johnny Sins in a parody of an Indian daily soap, the duo returns. This time, they are featuring a 90s-style teleshopping advertisement for men's sexual health.

Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins are back with another Bold Care advertisement

This advertisement promotes one of Bold Care's top-selling products for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The ad features Ranveer Singh, dressed in typical teleshopping host attire, making sexual innuendos related to men's sexual health issues. Johnny Sins appears twice in the video, once as a satisfied customer and another time as a medical expert. The video combines entertainment and education, making it an enjoyable watch.

The advertisement was created by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team. Directed by Ayappa KM and produced by Earlyman Films, it features Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh, who is also a co-founder of Bold Care. The set and costume designers successfully recreated the teleshopping era on our screens.

This ad follows Bold Care's initial campaign release in February. The advertisement showcased a typical scenario from an Indian soap opera, in which Ranveer once again resolved Johnny's sexual problem. The purpose of both ads is to challenge social stigmas surrounding sexual health concerns among men and promote discussions on the topic.

Makers of Bold Care ads share their reactions

Co-founder and lead actor in the video, Ranveer Singh, stated, 'Bold Care's mission is to champion men's sexual health and spearhead meaningful conversations through innovative methods aimed at raising awareness. The success of the first brand film has been overwhelming. It resulted in the brand witnessing growth upwards 10X on orders, and we are looking forward to this one as well.'

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'I'm here with sincere intent to use my influence for raising awareness and making a positive impact. The Bold Care campaign is more than talk it's a mission that I am deeply connected to, and I am here to bring a change in how we address men's sexual health, aiming for tangible solutions and millions of lives impacted all across the country,' the actor added.

Rajat Jadhav, co-founder of Bold Care, shared, 'With the phenomenal response to our first ad film #TakeBoldCareOfHer and the sheer brilliance of Ranveer, we're glad that we took the big step to address men's sexual health and wellness in India. Our intention was simply to start a dialogue for a portion of society that typically avoids discussing these topics. Our previous ad received widespread acceptance and generous love from the audience. Now, we're returning back with another ad that combines comedy and awareness to further strengthen our narrative on men's sexual health conversations.'


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