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Indie artistes to unite for Save Aarey initiative | Latest Bollywood News & Gossip

Indie artistes to unite for Save Aarey initiative " />
By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

JANUARY 30,2019

Save Aarey

Awaaz Do is a cultural initiative by 4/4 Experiences to address, act and positively contribute towards solving urban problems that plague Mumbai. Awaaz Do aims to collaborate with NGOs, social communities and organisations that act to challenge the status quo for pressing urban issues.

With the support of Impresario’s Social under the #SocialSupports banner, the first edition of Awaaz Do will take place on the January 31, 2019 at Flea Bazaar Café in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The music artist line-up for the evening will feature Ankur & the Ghalat Family; socially conscious rappers Swadesi; folk-pop by Maati Baani who recently released a song ‘Chipko Re’ featuring Piyush Mishra to support the #SaveAareyForest campaign; Prakash Bhoir and his collective of musicians from the Aarey Colony who will be performing tribal and folk songs; and Avi, one of the voices from beatbox/a capella collective Voctronica.

The event will also feature talks by leading conservation speakers and activists like wildlife biologist Nikit Surve who will be speaking about the leopard habitat in ‘Leopards of Mumbai’, and Vanashakti Director Stalin Dayanand, who will be speaking about ‘Fragile Forests and Rivers of Mumbai’.

All proceeds for the show will go towards the conservational efforts of Vanashakti, specifically towards their legal efforts to stop the unauthorised tree felling in Aarey Colony.

The campaign seeks capturing the urban audience in their most natural habitat, while making them aware of prevalent issues in their city. It also aims to make people aware of the natural indigenous animals and their ecosystem, and why the coexistence of Aarey and Mumbai is crucial for the city’s wellbeing. Awaaz Do will serve as a medium to raise funds for Vansahakti, who has been actively fighting for the preservation of the Aarey forest and the Mithi river in Mumbai.

Artists like Maati Baani believe that standing and supporting a genuine cause is the right thing to do. They say, “We may be musicians, bankers, professionals or anything else but we all need air to breathe! What do we do of all the money if we can’t go out for a jog or if kids can’t jump in the park without the fear of getting choked? It is important for all of us to collectively step up to Save Aarey which are Mumbai’s Lungs!”

“A civilisation which doesn't care for the air its children breathes is a civilisation in peril. Aarey provides much of the quality of breathable air for the city of Mumbai.” says Stalin Dayanand, director of Vanashakti. He adds, “With its army of 5 lakh trees, it is at the forefront of the battle in climate change and to keep the temperatures down in Mumbai. This cultural initiative will hopefully get people to be aware and involved in solving an urban problem that will affect their lives as much as the inhabitants of Aarey.”

You can buy tickets online or at the venue for Rs. 300, along with an added Rs. 300 cover charge redeemable on food and drinks at the venue. There will also be donation boxes kept across all of Social’s venues in Mumbai, where contributors can feel free to donate towards the cause. Tickets on Insider:

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