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Rajinikanth Birthday: This is how much the superstar charges for one film

Rajinikanth`s Net Worth

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Rajinikanth Birthday: This is how much the superstar charges for one film


It is Rajinikanth's birthday today, and the superstar of Tamil cinema turns 72 today. In a career spanning multiple decades, he has truly turned out to be the most influential of all actors working in Indian cinema. At 71, he continues to rule the hearts of his fans, as his last release, Jailer, was a massive box office hit.

How much does Rajinikanth charge for a film?

Rajinikanth leads a humble public life however, he owns a lot of assets. For a single film, he charges around 50 crores, making him among the highest-paid actors in the Indian film industry. Apart from that, it is also said that he will return part of his salary if the film doesn't do well at the box office. But that doesn't happen much, as with each of his films, audiences turn up in huge numbers to witness his magic come alive on screen.

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Cars owned by Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth is a man of royal tastes when it comes to his luxury car collection. He owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost that costs around Rs. 6 crore and another Rolls-Royce Phantom that comes at a whopping Rs. 16.5 crore. There is also the presence of a BMW X5, Rs 1.77 crore a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, Rs 2.55 crore and a Lamborghini Urus, Rs 3.10 crore.

He also owns a Bentley limousine that costs around Rs 6 crore. He did an additional customization of over Rs 22 crore on it.

Along with that, he also has a host of other cars, like the Toyota Innova, Honda Civic, Premier Padmini, and an Ambassador.

Rajinikanth's Net Worth

Rajinikanth's net worth is estimated at around 430 crore. Most of his income comes from his films, as he doesn't endorse many brands. Apart from that, he owns a house that is self-built in Chennai and has a value of over Rs 35 crore. Moreover, he also possesses the Raghuvendra Mandapam marriage hall, which has the capacity to fit over 270 guests at a time. It is estimated at around Rs 20 crore.

Rajinikanth remains among the most influential celebrities in the film industry. Since the 2010s, he has redefined his career by making appearances in films and still staying relevant in changing times. On his birthday, it will do good to revisit these gems.

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