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Featured Artist Rabbi Shergill

Gurpreet Singh Shergill, professionally known as Rabbi Shergill is a multi-talented artist with a unique blend of accomplishments as an Indian singer, songwriter, and composer. Born in  Punjab, Rabbi Shergill gave several sensational hits and garnered immense popularity for his powerful lyrics and distinctive fusion of traditional folk music with contemporary sounds. Despite releasing a limited number of albums, Rabbi Shergill remains one of the highly reputable and renowned for his distinctive music style and artistic integrity. 

His contributions to the fusion of traditional Punjabi music with modern sounds have made him a notable figure in the realm of Indian independent music.

Top Songs

  1. Tere Bin
  • A heartfelt Punbaji song written and composed by the singer is a beautiful integration of Sufi and Punjabi folk melody with contemporary music. 
  1. Bulla Ki Jana 
  • A sensational hit, Bulla ki Jana is a sacred anthem for one finding purpose and meaning in their life. 
  1. Challa 
  • An enchanting melody that leaves everyone mesmerized in the room to the core. 
  1. Bulleya 
  • A melodious harmony to dedicate your better half, expressing your unconditional love and affection. 
  1. Ballo
  • Ballo is a soulful narration of a person who is aware of the inevitability of life and strives to take risks. 
  1. Jugni 
  • The OG Jugni track questions worldly attractions with an impactful fusion of Punjabi folk music and modern rock music. 
  1. Ganga
  • Ganga is a breath of fresh air showcasing the deep connection between the river Ganga and Yamuna and the spiritual force that connects them. 
  1. Pagri Sambhal Jatta 
  • If one word that describes the song it would be ‘Respect’. Respect for Jatt Sikhs and their contribution to their community. 
  1. Tu Mun Shudi
  • Tu Mun Shudi is made for the ones with fearless hearts who don’t think twice about breaking free from barriers and striving for something more. 
  1. Bandiya tu 
  • This song resonates with faith, trust, and unwavering devotion to the deity. An absolute delight to hear on days when you feel more connected to god.