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Featured Artist Mame Khan

Mame Khan is a renowned Indian playback singer, songwriter, and composer with over 20 years of experience generating the finest Rajasthan folk fusions with a modern touch. The folk singer was among the first folk artists to embrace the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. 

Born in a small village near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, Mame Khaa was exposed to the radiant traditions of folk music of the Manganiyar community since childhood. Recently, the artist launched the world’s first-only Folk Orchestra at the prestigious Nita Ambani Cultural Centre creating a breakthrough record of showcasing 50+ folk artists on one stage. 

Mame Khan is known for his incredible voice, versatility, and ability to master different folk music. His contribution to the music industry has amplified the essence of Rajasthani folk to national as well as international platforms. 

Top Songs 


  • One of the biggest hits of Mame Khan, the Chaudhary song is about the young, unconditional, and mischievous love of a man for his better half. 
  1. Kesariya Balam 
  • Kesariya Balam is an iconic Rajasthani folk song dedicated to brave and courageous warriors returning home to their wives after fierce and relentless wars.  
  1. Mitho Laage
  • Mitho Laage is a soulful song that speaks about the beauty of sweet simplicity that a man notices in his wife. If you can simply sit and stare at your wife all day long, this song is for you. 
  1. Laal Peeli Ankhiyan 
  • A classic fusion of Rajasthani folk music with rock, Laal Peeli Ankhiyan is a go-to song to deal with your angry yet cute wife. 


  1. Aave Re Hitchki
  • Aave Re Hitchki is a beautiful track telling a story about lovers who are consumed by the thought of their beloved. If you cannot stop thinking about your lover, this song might make you miss them even more! 


  1. Darare Dil 
  • Darare Dil is a song about the heartbreak and sorrowful emotions lover feels after their breakup. Breakups are tough, but this song is an emotional rollercoaster! 
  1. Nakhralo 
  • Nakhralo is a playful music that revolves around the transformation of the protagonist in the ‘Dasvi’ movie. 
  1. Baaghi re
  • A rebellious folk song ‘Baaghi Re’ addresses the societal norms that stop youths from living their lives the way they want. Tune into your rebellious side with this song. 
  1. Rab Jogi 
  • Rab Jogi is the harmonious melody expressing the unconditional and never-dying love for your lover which is similar to worshipping god. As it is said, love is not weak people to do, it takes immense strength to offer unconditional love. 
  1. Rail Gadi 
  • Rail Gaadi is a nostalgic ride back in time with the melodious voice and composition of Salim-Sulaiman.