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Featured Artist Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean, widely recognized as the pioneer of the fusion rock genre in India is currently one of the oldest running bands across the nation. Since the formation of the band in 1990, Indian Ocean has given many hits comprising the unique blends of Indian traditional music with rock, jazz, and other popular genres. 

Over three decades, the band has won several awards and accolades for their astounding music genre, including the MMTV Immies Award for Best Rock Album and the GIMA Award for the Best Fusion Award.  

The band has also collaborated with a diverse range of artists showcasing their versatility and evolution in the music industry over the years. 

Top Songs

  1. Bandeh 
  • The song hold some of the most powerful lyrics on communal violence, evoking a surreal sense of being engulfed in alarming conflicts and riots.
  1. Maa Rewa
  • Maa Rewa is a lyrical masterpiece that takes listeners on a soulful musical journey while paying homages to the sacred and symbolic essence of the river Narmada. 
  1. Des Mera 
  • The song is a tribute to patriotic Indians who won’t think twice before showcasing their love for their motherland. It is rightly said-”you can take Indians out of India, but never the India out of Indians” 
  1. Jhini 
  • The song is a dive into the spiritual and traditional essence of Indian music. Jhini also contains certain references to Hindu and Sufi traditions, taking you back to our roots. 
  1. Kandisa 
  • Kandisa is a song about the divine power of god and forgiveness. A powerful recreation of the Arabic prayer named Kandisa. 
  1. Jaadu Maaya 
  • Jaadu Maaya serves as a warning reminder about eco-preservations for Earth’s sustainability.
  1. Zindagi Se Darte Ho
  • Life is uncertain but taking risks can make it worth living, this is an exact reminder of this hypothesis. 
  1. Bhor 
  • Bhor is a masterpiece that induces soothing and goosebumps sensations in the minds of the listeners at the same time. A Sufi composition that never fails to impress you. 
  1. Bula Raha Hai 
  • Bula Raha Hai offers a unique listening experience, transporting you to spiritual realms and eliciting emotions never experienced before.
  1. Charkha 
  • Charkha is a masterpiece with minimal lyrics and rich melodies, offering a brilliant composition that leaves an unforgettable impression on it`s listeners.