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Zia and Piyush Kapoor from Daira

Nikhil Pose

Nikhil Pose professes love to his beloved with new single, Give Me Love

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Nikhil Pose has been releasing multiple singles from his upcoming debut album to keep the audiences engaged with his music.

But the latest single, ‘Give Me Love’ is personal. It’s a labour of love that has been in the making for over two years. Sampling pop and soul influences, Pose’s vocals oscillates between references of John Mayer and Ed...

Zia and Piyush Kapoor from Daira

Zia and Piyush Kapoor from Daira combine forces to deliver the knockout Chor

Keeping up to their promise of delivering multiple collaborations, this year, music production duo Zia are back with their second track, ‘Chor’ with Daira frontman Piyush Kapoor, in less than a month following the release of their earlier track, ‘Meri Azaadi’ with Winit Tikoo.

An out-and-out rock revelation, the song touches upon whether one should compromise on individual...

Sourabh Joshi

Sourabh Joshi keeps it simple and easy with the acoustically innocent Ek Pyaali Chai

Close on the heels of his earlier single, ‘Jhooti Si Baatein’ which received tremendous reception across leading music platforms, singer/songwriter Sourabh Joshi has released his new single, ‘Ek Pyaali Chai’.

An easy-flowing acoustic composition produced by Debarpito Saha and written by Pinky Poonawala, the song traces the innocence of love chancing upon a couple over a cup of...

Another Kind of Green

Bengaluru band Another Kind of Green release delightful fourth single from debut album, Moonlight Swing

Making the most of the lockdown period to their productive best, Bengaluru-based rock band Another Kind of Green have released their catchy fourth single ‘Moonlight Swing’ from their upcoming debut album, ‘Plain Good Feeling’.

Featuring vocalist Shikha Chandrashekhar, drummer-producer Sanket Chakraborty, bassist Vishal Varier, Chethan Kadoor and Ibin Rigia on guitars and Anand...


Zenith shows the path to self-love with latest song, Waqt Tham Gaya Kahin

Mumbai-based music producer and DJ Harshit Agarwal better known by his stage name Zenith has released his latest single, ‘Waqt Tham Gaya Kahin’ as part of his first movie, a short film called ‘Flow’, directed by Archit Kumar from Currious List, in partnership with the artist management label, Shark and Ink.

Embracing the themes of self-love and discovery, the song prompts...


Fusion Rock act Nawazishein move you with their soulful debut, Saajan

Pune-based young and emerging band Nawazishein mark a remarkable debut with their single, ‘Saajan’, a plea to love.

Featuring band members vocalist Siddhartha Sarkar, Siddharth Sagar on bass guitar, drummer and percussionist Akash Gupta, Lakshay Sharma on lead guitar and Abhishek Noel on keys, ‘Saajan’ sees a helpless heart humbly requesting her beloved to not look away...

Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan

Dum Pishaach sees a stellar union of hip-hop and nu-metal by Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan

New Delhi’s revolutionary hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut and Mumbai-based trap and bass producer Karan Kanchan combine forces to present a brand new sound with their latest collaboration, ‘Dum Pishaach’.

Coupling elements of hip-hop and nu-metal, the trio offer an electrifyingly sonic experience, breaking the chain of sombre offerings that have frankly repleted the indie music space...

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