6 Monsoon Health And Safety Tips

By Radiocity Team
Published Jul 09, 2024

Mumbai rains update

The city has been taken down by a heavy downpour, which usually happens in July. During this weather, it is necessary to take health and safety precautions.

Drink clean and boiled water

Water sources can easily get contaminated during monsoons, which increases water-borne diseases. Boil the water before consuming it, especially for kids.

Avoid street and junk food

You may be very tempting to have a hot vada pav, but street hawkers do not necessarily maintain the best of hygiene. This makes you vulnerable to infections.

Avoid stagnant water around the house

Open water storage or puddles attract mosquitoes and ground insects, causing malaria and dengue. Make sure to cover pots, vessels, or bottles.

Wash fruits and vegetables

It is necessary to wash fruits and vegetables brought straight from the market under running water. The skins of fruits and veggies may attract different germs.


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Wash your hands

It is necessary to wash your hands right before eating your meals or when you come home. This washes away all the harmful germs and bacteria.

Workout from home

Don`t let this rainy season dampen your flow of staying fit. Exercise, practice yoga, or meditate from home to stay healthy and active.

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