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As Andre Braugher Passes Away, Here Are Some Of Captain Holt's Popular Quotes From B99

Popular quotes of Captain Holt aka Andre Braugher from Brooklyn Nine Nine

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As Andre Braugher Passes Away, Here Are Some Of Captain Holt's Popular Quotes From B99


Andre Braugher, who played the popular role of Captain Raymond Holt in the American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, passes away at 61. His publicist confirmed the sad news and left many fans in shock. The actor was suffering from a short illness that later turned out to be fatal.

Along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the actor starred in many popular movies. The Emmy-winning actor is best known for his role in the series Homicide: Life on the Street. Andre Braugher played the role of Frank Pembleton in the same.

Who was Andre Braugher?

The Chicago-born actor rose to fame with his role in the 1989 Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington starrer Glory. The movie was based on an all-black army regiment during the Civil War. It was his breakthrough role, and Andre even won an Oscar for the film.

Despite his spectacular performance in Glory, Braugher struggled to find good work in Hollywood. According to him, roles for African American actors were 'few and far between. Period.'

It was with his performance in Homicide: Life on the Streets, which went on for seven seasons. It was loved by the audience, so much so that Andre Braugher won his first Emmy for the lead actor in the series in 1998.

Despite incredible performances in several movies and shows, Braugher was still known for his stint as Captain Raymond Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The American sitcom ran for eight successful seasons from 2013 to 2021 on Fox and NBC.

In one of his old interviews, the late actor opened up about why he chose this role. He said, "I just felt as though it was an opportunity to do something strikingly different from the rest of my career."

Andre Braugher further added, "I like it because it just simply opens up my mind and forces me to think in a different way. So I think I've become much more supple as an actor and more open to the incredible number of possibilities of how to play a scene."

Captain Holt's popular quotes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the most loved characters from the show, Captain Holt, was a classic example of delivering some rib-tickling quotes with a straight face.

He was known for his witty humor, incredible comic timing, and bringing in sexual diversity by playing a black gay cop. Andre Braughen, aka Captain Holt, had phases in the show.

At times, he would be obsessed with his dog, Cheddar, while other times, he was a competitive fella who would go to any extent to win their Halloween heist.

As we remember our beloved Captain Holt, let's see some of his best and most popular quotes from B99 that made us laugh out loud.

1. "I don't care for cheese. I'm a curd-mudgeon."

Holt, telling a bad joke would never not be funny.

2. "If you excuse me, Sergeant Wells, We need to go to the BRB. It's BRB time. We're BRB-ing."

Captain Holt always had trouble being the Gen Z hip. But he always managed to be relatable.

3. "I will slit you both open from mouth to anus and wear you like jackets."

Whoa, captain! This is what happens when you mess with a Halloween heist.

4. "Why is no one having a good time? I specifically requested it."

If this cracks you up every time you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, know we already love you.

5. "You know me. I see a pair of thick, weighty breasts, and all logic flies out the window."

Every time Holt tried to be a straight heterosexual man, it was flat-out genious and humorous.

6. "Vindication!"

Holt and his undying love for balloon arches will never get boring. When he finds out Rosa loves them as much as he does, there's another bond built between the two.

7. "You took the wrong fluffy boy!"

Never steal Cheddar, we repeat, never!

Radio City extends heartfelt condolences to the late actor's family. Rest in peace, Captain. You will be missed.


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