Monsoon Diet: 5 Foods To Avoid In Rains

By Radiocity Team
Published May 29, 2024

Leafy vegetables

While they are a rich source of iron and other vital nutrients, leafy vegetables attract germs due to the humidity and dampness that rain brings.

Pakoras and bhajiya

While they are extremely tempting, oily and deep-fried foods add unnecessary fat and take away essential nutrients from your body.

Stay away from Seafood

If you are a seafood lover, you may want to be careful. Monsoons contaminate the sea water, and the fish you eat might end up giving you diarrhea.


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Street Food

While street foods like gol gappa, vada pav, etc. are hard to resist, the presence of dust, flies, and contaminated water can increase the risk of infection.

Avoid raw vegetables

Switch to steam or boiled veggies, as raw vegetables are loaded with bacteria and viruses that make you susceptible to stomach infections.

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