7 Garma Garam Pakora On A Rainy Day

By Radiocity Team
Published Jun 19, 2024

Onion Pakora/Kanda Bhajji

One of the most popular street foods in Mumbai, Kanda Bhajji or Onion Pakora, is a must-have on a rainy day. Pro tip: add some rice flour for extra crispiness.

Aloo Bhajji/Aloo Pakora

Yet another satiating snack perfect for monsoons, Aloo Bhajji, will make you want more and more. Pair this with a hot cup of masala chai and enjoy the vibe.

Paneer Pakoda

Dipped in chickpea flour, this quick paneer snack is your perfect evening snack on a gloomy, rainy day. Dip in some mint chuntney and relish the taste.

Corn Fritters/Corn Pakoda

Yet another quick evening snack that can be enjoyed with masala chai, corn pakoda is a delicious company when it pours cats and dogs.

Moong Dal Pakora

Yet another wholesome snack that`s perfect to have in monsoons, moong dal pakora tastes unbeatable with mint and imli chutney. BRB, salivating already!


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Mirchi Pakora/Mirchi Bhajji

If you`re craving something hot and spicy on a rainy day, mirchi pakoras or mirchi bhajji is your go-to snack. Pair it with a hot cup of tea and enjoy.

Batata Vada

This local delicacy is popular all over Maharashtra. Batata Vada is simply vada pav minus the bread. Pair it with mint chutney, some fried chillies, and tea.

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