7 Body Language Signs For A Boss Woman

By Radiocity Team
Published Jul 11, 2024

Good body posture

A proper body posture is not only a sign of good health but also shows confidence and sophistication. Stand tall, stay relaxed, and let your body language talk.

The art of eye contact

Maintaining constant eye contact implies that you are truly present and interested in the conversation. Try maintaining 60–70%  of eye contact to look confident

Elegant hand gestures

Elegant hand gestures make communication even more interesting and show your enthusiasm. Open palm gestures are seen as welcoming and help build trust.

Long and confident strides

The way you walk says a lot about you. A confident walk shows sophistication and class. Your walk is your silent introduction; make it count!

Mirroring body language

Mirroring someone`s body language shows class and confidence. If done right, it shows sophistication and demonstrates that you`re attentive.


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Calm and composed expressions

A calm and composed expression shows sophistication and control, even when you`re in stressful situations. It is a subtle way to show confident body language.

Consistency is key

Being consciously consistent is imperative to demonstrate your reliability. From your posture to your expressions, convey how you want to be portrayed.

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