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Shree Vallabh Nu Naam

Shree Vallabh Nu Naam

Immerse yourself in the divinity of Lord Shrinathji, through our exclusive playlist of select Gujarati devotional songs based upon the revered deity.
Artistes :

Sadhna Sargam, Manoj Dave, Kalyani Kavthalkar, Parthiv Gohil, Dipal Gajjar, Shyaamal Munshi, Sachin Limaye, Kalyani, Aniket Khandekar

Sadhna Sargam






Jamva Ne Aavo
Manoj Dave
Jya Jovun Tya
Kalyani Kavthalkar
Jay Shree Vallabh
Sadhna Sargam
Kanuda Tu
Sadhna Sargam
Kana Tari Bansi No Naad
Sadhna Sargam, Manoj Dave
Ek Ms Ma Be Ekadashi
Manoj Dave
Ghat Ma Girdhari
Parthiv Gohil
Khamma Mara Madan Gopal
Sachin Limaye, Kalyani
Kana Tarun Ae Roop
Dipal Gajjar
Hu Shreeji Nu
Shyaamal Munshi
Jal Jamuna Na
Sadhna Sargam
Janam Dhari Shri Yamunaji
Aniket Khandekar
Jay Jay Mahrani Yamuna
Parthiv Gohil

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