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Prabhu Shrinathji | Gujarati Devotional Songs | Gujarati Devotional Songs | Devotional Songs
Prabhu Shrinathji

Prabhu Shrinathji

Immerse yourself in the divinity of Lord Shrinathji, through our exclusive playlist of select Gujarati devotional songs based upon the revered deity.
Artistes :

Dipak Joshi, Sadhna Sargam, Jaspinder Narula, Ankiket Khandekar, Manoj Dave, Viraj, Bijal, Vijay Darji, Bhumi, Parthiv Gohil, Soli Kapadia, Alap Desai, Dipal Gajjar





Maya Lagi
Dipak Joshi
Me To Jugal Swaroope
Dipal Gajjar
Mamta Rahi Gayi Gokul Ma
Manoj Dave
Marun Tan Ho Tulsi
Ankiket Khandekar
Mara Mandir Aavo
Viraj, Bijal
Mare Haiye Vase
Alap Desai
Mare Mandir Padharo
Jaspinder Narula
Mewad Na Shreenathji
Manoj Dave
Mata Jashoda Zulave
Manoj Dave
Mane Pyaru Lage
Parthiv Gohil
Mare Mandiir Padharo
Sadhna Sargam
Mara Mandir Ma
Soli Kapadia
Mane Naam Vallabh
Vijay Darji, Bhumi

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