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Lagan Geet Part 2 | Lagna Geet | Gujarati Songs
Akhand Saubhagyavati Geet

Akhand Saubhagyavati Geet

Gujarati wedding songs, Gujarati folk wedding songs, contemporary Gujarati wedding songs lagan geet.
Artistes :

Aishwarya Majmudar, Manoj Dave, Forum Mehta, Darshna Gandhi, Indira Shrimali, Arvind Barot, Himali Vyas, Arun Rajguru, Lalita Ghodardra, Mina Patel, Daya Shankar, Chorus




Maa Ni Mamta
Indira Shrimali, Arvind Barot
Dikri Mari Ladakvayi
Manoj Dave, Forum Mehta
Parne Parne
Indira Shrimali, Arvind Barot
Kesariyo Jaan
Indira Shrimali, Arvind Barot
Dikri Sasariye Jai Ne
Darshna Gandhi
Oddhi Navrang Chundadi
Aishwarya Majmudar
Ladakadi Paani Re
Arun Rajguru, Lalita Ghodardra
Parki Thapan Manso Nahi
Manoj Dave
Olya Anwar Na
Indira Shrimali, Arvind Barot
Koi Lal Lal Vans Na
Himali Vyas
Sasariye Jata Beni Baa
Manoj Dave, Mina Patel
Daya Shankar
Akhand Saubhagyavati
Aishwarya Majmudar
Dhol Dhamkya Ne

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