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Weekend Vibes: Groove To These Offbeat Indie Songs At Your Next House Party

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Weekend Vibes: Groove To These Offbeat Indie Songs At Your Next House Party

Weekend is here and we know you cannot wait to unwind from cubicles to comfy pajamas. House parties are the best, aren't they? No stress of dressing up, be in your own space with your gang, talk to a dog, get drunk and pass out, or dance till your feet hurts. If you're hosting a house party or attending one, here's are some fabulous independent artists you need to add to your house party playlist.

1. Udd Gaye - Ritviz

The classic party anthem for the millennials, Udd Gaye will always make you groove from its very first beat. Known for his electronic beats and rustic voice, Ritviz became on of the first independent artists to introduce party music in this space.

2. Bombay Dreams - KSHMR and Lost Stories ft. Kavita Seth:

This lockdown release was an instant hit. It was trending all over Instagram reels. Designed and ideated by independent musician Lost Stories, Kavita Seth's melodious voice bought a life to the song. The popular dancer kid Akshat Singh makes the video highly relatable. Bombay Dreams should definitely be on your house party playlist, especially if you're having a little dance battle.

Indie songs for your next house party

3. Dheere Se - The Yellow Diary

Leave the shyness and 'what will people say' on the couch and bring on your best moves that are not so Dheere Se! The Yellow Diary is a band that has songs for all your mood. You can't miss out on this band.

4. Dhundhla - Yashraj Mehra x Talwiinder x DroppedOut

Discussing the drunk moments next day is so much fun. Dhundhla will remind you of all the blurry nights where you've either puked your lungs out or be the last one on dance floor. This independent song will even make you groove when you're sober.

5. Might Protonic - Sandunes

Want to go on one woozy ride? Sandunes is the perfect track to make you feel happy high. We won't say much, listen to this masterpiece for yourself.