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Indie Songs For Every Mood

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Indie Songs For Every Mood

With the long-due recognition for independent artists, the indie industry is steadily forming a community of music lovers who are looking for meaningful music over the mundane one. The indie music was consumed more during the pandemic. 2020 turned out to be a fruitful year for all the independent artists who created music by ditching any commercial labels.

Over the time, the indie music rose from being selective to becoming the 'must-listen' playlist of the year. With every passing year, these artists are gaining global popularity, thanks to proliferation of streaming platforms, management companies, and slick visuals.

There are some artists who have more listeners in other parts of the world than in India. One of the classic examples could be Prateek Kuhad who ended up being on the former U.S. President Obama's annual playlist of his favourite song in 2019.

We're here to throw some light on these unconventional indie artists who have tunes for every mood and will become your personal earworms. Start making your playlist already!


If you're an old-school romantic like us, here's a playlist you will treasure.

Indie Songs For Every Mood

  1. Stay With You by Priyanka Nath: Remember the feeling of slowly falling in love? Priyanka's Stay With You is about reassuring your partner and holding their hand while they heal
  2. Wagairah Wagairah by Ankur Tewari and The Ghalat Family: That first infatuation in your early school or college days is always a feeling that you'll remember. Wagairah Wagairah will take you down the memory lane of your first adolescent crush
  3. Qareeb by Kamakshi Khanna: Being her versatile self, Kamakshi Khanna brings a fresh melody that speaks of slowly falling in love - first with yourself and then with your partner
  4. Baarishein by Anuv Jain: One of our favourite indie musician, Baarishein fills in all your feelings when you're out of words
  5. I Forgive You by Neel Adhikari: Love is not just a bed of roses, but also about fights and making up. Featured in the popular OTT series Little Things, I Forgive You speaks about forgiveness, a fresh start, and telling the person how much you love them despite all the ups and downs


Mentally, we're in the mountains having kulhad wali chai and steaming maggi. Or probably on a beach, strolling by the shore during the golden hour. Basically, we're desperately deprived of a vacation. The closest we could get to one is through these beautiful rhythms.

Indie Songs For Every Mood

  1. Pahadon Mein by Salman Elahi: Perfectly summing what we feel at the moment, Elahi brings out the beauty of the majestic mountains. This song took Instagram by a storm and ended up in being almost in every travel reel
  2. Dil Mere by The Local Train: For every wandering heart finding solace amidst the restlessness, Dil Mere transports you to a place that's your safe haven. The Local Train's beautiful composition will make your journey even better
  3. O Sanam by Lucky Ali: How can we miss out one of the indie classics? The OG of indie pop, Lucky Ali's 'Hmmmmm' has the power to make you forget all your worries
  4. Khwaab by Anumita Nadesan: The young internet sensation known for doing Bollywood song covers, Anumita's new single Khwaab is just the right portrayal of satisfying an explorer's curiosity. Shot amidst the nature, the scenic beauty of the video will give you major travel FOMO
  5. When We Feel Young by When Chai Met Toast: Planning a reunion trip with your school mates or college buddies? When We Feel Young is the perfect song to reminisce the memories created during those golden days. When Chai Met Toast have beautifully designed a melody to make you walk down the memory road


If you are selectively social and prefer house parties over club madness, these songs by fabulous indie musicians will get you groovy throughout the party.

Indie Songs For Every Mood

  1. Udd Gaye by Ritviz: This was one of the first party anthems by an independent artist in the millennial era. Ritiviz, known for his groovy music and rustic voice makes Udd Gaye the perfect song for a happy-high mood
  2. Bombay Dreams by KSHMR and Lost Stories ft Kavita Seth: The lockdown release which was an instant hit, Kavita Seth's voice makes it just the right song to groove on while you are just getting the party started
  3. Dheere Se by The Yellow Diary: If you don't know The Yellow Diary already, we're judging you! The band takes this song to another level, making sure your dance moves are no more Dheere Se!
  4. Dhundhla by Yashraj Mehra x Talwiinder x DroppedOut: Fading out or about to throw up? You may as well do it while humming to Dhundhla. The trio has made this single such a party-worthy song, your memories of the party of the night won't be Dhundhla at all
  5. Might Protonic by Sandunes: If you're in the mood to get trippy and happy high, Sandunes is going to take you on one woozy ride. We won't say much. Listen to this masterpiece and feel the adrenaline rush


Having a bad day? These indie songs are here to uplift your mood, make you remind of how worthy you are, and vanish all your blues.

Indie Songs For Every Mood

  1. Khudi by The Local Train: One of our personal favourites, Khudi uplifts your mood, your dreams, and your life's purpose from the very first chord. The video features Arjun Mathur and is seamlessly directed to give you a message - live your dreams because YOLO!
  2. Joy Of Little Things by When Chai Met Toast: If you've forgotten the joy you derive through the little things in life, When Chai Met Toast is here to give you a gentle reminder of the same. If you're having a bad day, sit back and plug in this song
  3. Jazba by Naalayak: If you're ever doubting your worth, Jazba is here to remind you how important you are. Giving out just the right motivation, this independent song will make you feel all the more powerful
  4. Raat Guzar Jayegi by Swastik The Band: Remember our moms used to say - it is just a bad day, not a bad life. And this song conveys exactly the same. Raat Guzar Jayegi is filled with hope of welcoming a new day with a new purpose.
  5. Jeet by Ritviz: When nothing goes right, your girl gang will always be by you. And this song conveys how spending a day with your friends, doing nothing can still have you feeling at your best


Whether it's you who is getting married or your best friend tying the knot, creating aesthetic and emotional content for the 'gram is a must. These beautiful indie songs will add the missing factor to them. Let the wedding shenanigans begin!

Indie Songs For Every Mood

  1. Rang Saari by Kanishk Seth and Kavita Seth: Trending throughout Instagram on the reels, Kavita Seth delivers yet another indie hit, stepping out of her comfort zone. This one's perfect for the funky couples who like doing something off-beat
  2. Liggi by Ritviz: A fun and enthusiastic dance number, Liggi describes the rollercoaster emotions of a bride. Don't care about the world and let yourself loose with the groovy beats
  3. Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad: Perfect for a romantic reel, pre-wedding photoshoot, and couples who are inseparable, Kasoor is about falling in love with your partner all over again

So what's your indie mood today?