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Aditi Ramesh

Aditi Ramesh questions obsession with labels with her new release, Sambar Soul

Who would’ve thought that a chance comment by a random social media user on singer/songwriter Aditi Ramesh’s livestreamed gig, could be the title of her new indie release on the block.

Titled ‘Sambar Soul’, the track is the young songstress’ answer to anyone who is hell-bent on putting her music under a bracket. She states, “I find myself without a real answer when...

Khwaab and Raghav Meattle

Parchayi by Khwaab and Raghav Meattle is an ambient, haunting experience worth cherishing

Producer/songwriter Nishant Nagar aka Khwaab and singer/songwriter Raghav Meattle combine forces to create a spiritually stimulating experience through their latest collaboration, ‘Parchayi’ that sucks you into its world from the first beat.

Featuring Khwaab’s signature synths accompanied by Meattle’s effervescent vocals, the song is a dedication to the former’s late...

Akshit Dhall

Pune’s Akshit Dhall differentiates between house and home with his new single, Home

Pune based singer/songwriter Akshit Dhall, who originally hails from Rohtak, Haryana has been away from home since two years, owing to his studies. Of course, homesickness is inevitable.

In his new single, ‘Home’, the artiste defines his acceptance and embracement of another city as his home. It’s the first song that he has produced by himself in his bedroom, although he has been...

Vaibhav Malhotra

New Delhi based singer/songwriter Vaibhav Malhotra’s EP Afsana is about coming of age

The composition and songwriting in singer/songwriter Vaibhav Malhotra’s EP, ‘Afsana’ urges listeners to contemplate and reflect upon life experiences that have moulded them over the years, irrespective of how memorable or ugly they seem.

Through his five-track EP, Vaibhav starts conversations about heartbreak, redemption, yearning and acceptance. The first track ‘Bin...


Tejas brings alive the vivacity of Mumbai city with his new pop-rock release, The Bombay Doors

Succeeding the release of the first track, ‘Lead’ from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Outlast’, Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Tejas unveiled the second single, ‘The Bombay Doors’, a celebration of a city that never sleeps. A city that an individual embraces whole-heartedly, despite its visibly multiple flaws.

The track features an interesting line-up of...


Cha’bi raises a silent protest with their latest single, Phir Hum Dekhenge

Following the success of their last release, ‘Shayad Ke Main Zinda Nahin’, Delhi-based alternative/indie pop duo Cha’bi have released their brand new single, ‘Phir Hum Dekhenge’.

Comprising of Akshay Kapoor and Paras Khanna, ‘Phir Hum Dekhenge’ is about an anger that has been long simmering within, which now finds an outlet, in silence. The songwriting of the...

Sayantika Ghosh

Singer songwriter Sayantika Ghosh celebrates the complexities of man’s dual nature with Samurai

Kolkata-based dreampop artist Sayantika Ghosh aka Ghoshpop has released her latest single, ‘Samurai’, a celebration of the diametrically opposite characteristics of an individual, the yin and yang within which propel him towards the direction he wishes to tread upon.

Written by Ghosh and Aman Moroney, the song was conceived at a time when Ghosh had stumbled upon a creative block during...

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