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Swadesi infuses the Mahabharata narrative in the official music video of Jung | Indie Artist News

Swadesi infuses the Mahabharata narrative in the official music video of Jung

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

MARCH 27,2020


Hip-hop collective Swadesi is out with the music video of their latest single ‘Jung’ from their debut album, ‘Chetavni’.

A Graphic India Production, the music video uses the narrative of the famous Kurukshetra battle of 18 days from the Mahabharata, to highlight how our society and the world at large are waging wars to fulfil their own selfish purposes.

In a press release, the band echoes this thought, Our nation and the world we live in is always forced to fight against each other, for natural resources, power etc. Friends, co-workers, and relationships often fall prey to such mind-filled wars amongst each other. What we fail to realise is the ones who instigate wars are all on one side, creating wars to keep the people controlled by them and making them fight against each other. It highlights the fact the people who fight wars are the losers and the ones who instigate them walk away unscathed.”

Teaming up with producer Naar, the theme of the video has been created by Grant Morrison.

The debut album is now streaming worldwide.

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