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Music makes rapper Dino James feel powerful | Indie Artist News

Music makes rapper Dino James feel powerful


FEBRUARY 15,2019

Dino James

Rapper Dino James's new song "Bhokali" is about to touch three million views on YouTube. He says he feels very powerful as he can speak his mind without any filter.

"I feel blessed and also very powerful as I can speak my mind without any filter. This is exactly why I wanted to do music," Dino told IANS.

He has been in the industry for over two years now.

Asked if it is tougher for Indian rappers to survive without Bollywood support, he said: "Earlier people had to go to a music label or a production house because apart from them, there were no other platforms to showcase our talent, but now things have changed.

"Bollywood is very big, but now indie artistes have also made that space where they are doing better for themselves without support. I also don't have any Bollywood songs, still I am doing fine for myself. There are several others who have not done any Bollywood songs but are doing shows," added the artiste, whose YouTube channel has over 1.7 million subscribers.

Talking about "Bhokali", he said: "'Bhokali' is a transition in my life... I am known but still struggling. People show their love for me by clicking selfies with me, subscribing to my channel, engaging with my content, making me feel like a celebrity but behind all that, I am still struggling to make ends meet."

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