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Mumbai-based upcoming rapper Krantinaari releases her debut single showcasing gender debate | Indie Artist News

Mumbai-based upcoming rapper Krantinaari releases her debut single showcasing gender debate

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

MAY 27,2020


Ashwini Hiremath aka Krantinaari has released her debut single by the same name, earlier last week.

A reflection upon the life of women in a very patriarchal world, the song has been sourced from Ashwini’s own findings about herself and from women around her.

She adds, “While the song speaks the language of justice, equality and unity for women, it is also a word by a woman, for a woman and to the women. The track aims at motivating and bringing all the women together to create a harmony between the genders. Krantinaari is not just a song but also a documentation of a woman's life in our modern times.”

Accompanied by Shilpa Gulhane’s vocals, the track has been produced by Swadesi’s music producer RaaKshaS a.k.a Abhishek Shindolkar and mixed and mastered by Joshua Fernandes (also Swadesi).

For those who do not know, Krantinaari is a multidisciplinary artist. Her stories evolve around her own experiences as a woman growing up in a gender imbalanced society. She loves to express herself through music and art. A firm believer of sustainable lifestyle, the artist has also published a book called, ‘Earth’.

The song is now streaming on Radio City Freedom and Radio City Hip-Hop

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