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Dum Pishaach sees a stellar union of hip-hop and nu-metal by Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan | Indie Artist News

Dum Pishaach sees a stellar union of hip-hop and nu-metal by Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan


Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan

New Delhi’s revolutionary hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut and Mumbai-based trap and bass producer Karan Kanchan combine forces to present a brand new sound with their latest collaboration, ‘Dum Pishaach’.

Coupling elements of hip-hop and nu-metal, the trio offer an electrifyingly sonic experience, breaking the chain of sombre offerings that have frankly repleted the indie music space throughout this lockdown period. 

‘Dum Pishaach’ represents the energies that both indie entities stand for. While Seedhe Maut is affirmative about its position as one of South Asia’s most promising hip-hop acts, Karan looks to cement his position as the go-to producer for path-breaking sounds.

Keeping in mind the mutual love for anime and mythology, the artwork, cleverly designed by Seedhe Maut’s frequent collaborator Santanu Hazarika further establishes the foothold of both artistes in the indie music scene.

‘Dum Pishaach’ is now streaming on Radio City Freedom and Radio City Hip Hop.

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