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Delhi is receptive towards anything: Papon

Angarag Mahanta aka Papon is a leading playback singer today for Hindi and Assamese films. But the man also fronts his own independent band, Papon and The East India Company, that has performed at leading music festivals across the country. Winner of two Radio City Freedom Awards (Best Folk Fusion Artist – Judges’ Choice Awards in 2014 and Best Indie Collaboration - Judges' Choice Award alongwith...
Benny Dayal

Freedom to me means the ability to express yourself: Benny Dayal

Benny Dayal’s career in Indian music has seen a slow but a steady rise since he began crooning for A. R Rahman’s compositions in Hindi feature films such as ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’, ‘Yuvvraaj’ and ‘Ghajini’. A former journalism student, Benny’s meteoric rise to success is proof that hard work and perseverance know no substitute. Successfully dabbling a mainstream...
Ritnika Nayan

It is no longer viable for labels to invest money into artists: Ritnika Nayan

Ritnika Nayan has been an active participant in helping the independent music scene grow strength by strength. She has been at the helm of affairs with her music company, ‘Music Gets Me High’ over 17 years working across continents, having managed an array of incredible talents. From Maroon 5, Nickelback, Counting Crows, Manu Chao, Guns & Roses, Nucleya, Advaita and Jalebee Cartel to name a few, her...
Ritwik Bhattacharya

There`s a fine line between artistic freedom and smut: Ritwik Bhattacharya

Ritwik has been playing guitar since he was five years old. With a Grade 8 proficiency from London’s Trinity College, he has been shaping the independent music scene in Bangalore with his magic on the strings. Winner at the All India Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, he has performed with the likes of Thermal and a Quarter, Vasundhara Das, Willy Demoz, and the Bangalore based fun rock band, Aathma. He currently...

Struggle and pain are mandatory: Diefferent

Although he has started and built a basis for himself as an artiste through Hip-Hop, Diefferent has always striven to take the path that is less-treaded. Today, he likes experimenting with Alternative, Psychedelic and other interesting compositions to draw his own distinctive brand of music.

Radio City Freedom caught up with the versatile performer for a brief chat.

How and...
Luke Kenny

One of the great things about Ganesh festival is that it has always been a universal emotion: Luke Kenny

Actor, Musician and Video Jockey, Luke Kenny has been donning multiple hats with ease for over a decade. But yet the perception of his ethnicity keeps varying among popular opinion. Often mistaken for being a Non-Indian, Mumbai-bred Luke nonchalantly shuts off cynics by speaking in chaste Hindi and Marathi. His omnipresent Indianness is reflective in his latest track, ‘Bappa Ke Waaste’ which...


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