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Independent musicians have helped in bringing culture of the North East to the forefront: Trance Effect | Indie Music Artist Interviews

Independent musicians have helped in bringing culture of the North East to the forefront: Trance Effect

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

JUNE 10,2020

Trance Effect

When Iuli Yeptho (Vocals), Sosang Lkr (Drums), Tako Chang and Temsujungba Jamir (Guitars) and Imnamaong Imchen (Bass) come together, they don’t just make music, they create a mood. Amidst the gloom that surrounds us in the world following a global pandemic, the sounds by Trance Effect, a pop rock band from the beautiful terrains of Nagaland is beyond respite to the ears. It’s therapy. Their tunes carry relevance without unnecessary elaboration while maintaining an old-school charm.

The band recently released their consolidated EP, ‘Clowns’ which boasts of an assortment of happy songs, mood-mapped and well-curated for an effortless listening of roughly 20 minutes. On behalf of Radio City Freedom, I spoke to the band about making music which resonates universally and cultural representation of the influences from the North East.

The album feels simple, effortless and healing. How does it feel to be hailed as a band that offers music which is comforting?

TE:  Thank you, first of all. It feels good when people address our songs as to how they can relate and they are comforted by our songs, it always boosts us and we are always grateful when they appreciate our work, it also makes us work even harder for our next projects.

What were the emotions that you were looking to convey through 'Clowns'?

TE: The songs in the EP are more like a story. From the first song to the last, its more of a journey where one goes through happy times in life and then the heart breaks and in the end finds love. We want people to be on a roller coaster ride together with us through our songs and experience these emotions.

It’s ironical that you speak about travel through an album which releases at a time when everyone is indoors. Your thoughts?

TE: We actually scheduled the EP release date before the lockdown was put into place. So, it was something that we didn't see it coming, we guess that's just a part of life, full of uncertainty and surprises. So, during this pandemic crisis we hope that our music soothes the state of mind and well being of our listeners.

An Instagram post reveals, ‘No food, no music’. How instrumental was food behind making this album?

TE: We were actually being sarcastic with that post. Well food plays an important role in the band (laughs). We are all foodies especially the bassist, drummer and the guitarist. We never say no to food. Through the late night recordings and jamming, we make sure we have food ordered or go out for late night snacks before we go back. As they say, a hungry man is an angry man. (laughs).

Do you feel that independent musicians and their music have helped in bringing the culture and the influences of the North East to the forefront?

TE: Yes, we believe independent musicians with their music have helped in bringing culture and Northeast to the forefront. People like Kaushik from Qrated, Narrotam from Unwind Entertainment, David Kooch, LiveNow Events, etc have helped us through our musical journey and yes, people like them have helped in the independent musical scene from the start.

As artistes, what is your one conscious effort towards your art?

TE:  As artistes, we believe that our one conscious effort towards our art is to make music that can talk and comfort people. We would want our songs to make people realise that the little things in life are more important and it's what makes them happy.

Acts from the North East that you would suggest our readers to listen to?

TE: There are a lot but if we have to name a few, it would be Avora Records, Paper Sky, Since 90's, Blue Temptation, Imliakum, Abdon Mech and Big Dane.

Lastly, what do you look forward to doing once the quarantine is over?

TE:  Seriously, we want to start jamming again and get back to the studio as we already have a lot of songs to be recorded for our next EP and probably some singles along the way so stay tuned.

‘Clowns’ by Trance Effect, is now streaming on Radio City Freedom.

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