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For me there is no such thing as good or bad poetry: Irfan Tarique Khan | Indie Music Artist Interviews

For me there is no such thing as good or bad poetry: Irfan Tarique Khan

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

JULY 20,2018

Irfan Tarique Khan

A man of few words, Irfan Tarique Khan believes in walking the talk. A banker by profession and a freelancer writer in between, the reticent poet strikes a dialogue with his verses.

Radio City Freedom caught up with the young poet ahead of the Free Verse Sessions, scheduled to be held at Todi Mill Social, Mumbai on July 28th, 2018.

Where do you seek inspiration from while penning your poems?

Irfan: My inspiration towards writing came from my teacher, Pankaj Raj Yadav, from whom I’ve learnt acting. Five years ago, he gave me my first poetry book of Sahir Ludhianvi and Dushyant Kumar and said, "Try writing poetry as I know you can do better in writing". Maybe because he knew my grandfather {Musharraf Ali Khan} was a Shayar too.

What according to you is the most rewarding aspect of poetry?

Irfan: Poetry is the only thing which will introduce you to yourself, what you are. For me, if I could describe the best thing about poetry is, it's a mirror which shows the positive and negative aspect of your soul, heart and thoughts. Poetry is a medicine which gives relief to a soul, it creates patience in our personality.

Do you think we lack good writers or the inspiration towards good writing?

Irfan: In our country and in the whole world, there are many good writers. The world is a clock which changes every time. For me there is no such thing as good or bad poetry. It is about what a person feels that he writes and writing helps him in expressing himself to the world.

Famous Urdu and Hindi authors, whose work one must follow?

Irfan: Sahir Ludhianvi And Dushyant Kumar. I started by reading their works.

Do you think that performing in a regional language helps in reaching out to a wider audience?

Irfan: English is the global language and may give you the widest of audience, but is this statement true? Maulana Rumi was a best seller in America who wrote in Persian. What I mean to say is the thought in your writing is important and it's originality.

Catch Irfan Tarique Khan performing live at the Free Verse Sessions, this Saturday at Todi Mill Social, Mumbai with his select poems and ghazals in Urdu . Click here for event details.

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