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Every art form has been created with expression in mind: Daira | Indie Music Artist Interviews

Every art form has been created with expression in mind: Daira

By - Team Radio City

FEBRUARY 27,2018


Since their debut in 2015 with their self-titled album, Daira has been changing trends and helping in shape the independent music scene with their unique compositions. Rolling Stone Magazine India had ranked their album at #2 among the top 10 releases of 2015. Comprising of Piyush Kapoor - Lead Vocals, Kazobo, Trumpet, Lyrics, Vikalp Sharma – Guitars, Vocals, Shivam Pant – Guitars, Vocals and Pratik Kulgod on Drums, Daira will be performing at the Radio City Freedom Concert in Jaipur on March 1st, 2018. We caught up with the band for a quick chat as they also spoke about their recently-released second album, ‘Vipreet Buddhi’.

Why Vipreet Buddhi?

Piyush: We had started doing some live jams while we were on our tour to Old Manali. We loved the vibe and whatever that would happen naturally. We did a jam at a gig that happened in Blue Frog, Mumbai. Our friend and musician/producer gave us an idea of recording a jam like this. We went on to record an improv jam at Benchmark Studios. The output that came out seemed dark and satirical. After multiple listens we divided the jam into sixteen songs. ‘Vipreet Buddhi’ is Daira in its most honest form.

What is the importance of creative freedom for an independent musician?

Vikalp: Independent musicians wouldn’t be an independent musicians without creative freedom.  It’s the reason why we love the process of making music a lot. Because while writing that music and playing it, we experience the bliss of being free in its purest form. This is a quite satisfying feeling that we keep chasing and would urge all other musicians to keep while making music.

How does it feel to perform in Jaipur?

Shivam: We have been waiting to perform in Jaipur for quite some time now. The last time we performed in Jaipur was back in 2015 for a DIY festival called ‘Rock Rulez’. We loved the response of the crowd for our original music and are looking forward to performing a full set with new songs for the enthusiastic crowd at Jaipur.

Given the sensitive times that we are living in where anyone and everyone gets offended, how responsible should a musician be while putting his work out?

Pratik: We don’t think that it is the responsibility of an artist to alter their honest expression to not offend people. Because every pure art form since it’s very beginning of art has been created with the creation and expression in mind. Remove that and the art becomes baseless. Honest expression may or may not offend people. Obviously there are the dangerous, even fatal implementations of offending people. Especially powerful people, but it’s a calculated risk one can afford to take.

What has been the most ridiculous piece of advice doled out to you as an independent outfit?

Piyush: Don’t play your song Maaya (a song from their self-titled debut album)

What’s next on your checklist?

Vikalp: We just finished the recording process of our upcoming 3rd album. We would be working on releasing the album over the next few months. Apart from that we are working on doing gigs at some new cities and some collaborations.

Contemporaries you admire?

Shivam: System of a Down, Rammstein, Avial, Thermal & a Quarter, Pink Floyd, King Crimson

The above editorial was compiled as an initiative for the Radio City Freedom Awards 5.


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