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Ankur Tewari on being open to different mediums: My job is to make songs | Indie Music Artist Interviews

Ankur Tewari on being open to different mediums: My job is to make songs

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

JUNE 03,2021

Ankur Tewari

Singer/songwriter Ankur Tewari is jubilant with the music video of ‘Tootay’ have garnered more than 1 million views on his YouTube channel. Radio City’s Artist of the Month for June 2021 reflects upon his slow but eventual rise to success.

“Yes, it’s been quite exciting and unbelievable. Seeing things happening because of some decisions I made, it all seems like a fiction story.”

How does he react when many listeners who aren’t acquainted to Indian independent music mostly recollect him as the music supervisor of ‘Gully Boy’? Ankur remains unfazed, “No, I don’t feel that. As long as people are listening to you and your work, how they choose to remember you is their choice. I think the biggest fear for every artist is being irrelevant. And this keeps you relevant. So as long as you’re doing good work, however people see you should be good enough.”

The celebrated Indie musician has also marked a successful stint with his musical score for acclaimed digital releases including ‘Made in Heaven’, ‘Guilty’, ‘Four More Shots Please’ and ‘Yeh Ballet’. Is he open to experimenting with his music across mediums? “My job is to make songs, whether you want to release a vinyl of my songs or release them digitally. I’m not interested in the vehicle. There can be different vehicles. I’m following the path I want to. I know the kind of music I want to make. I know the kind of words I want to write and whichever vehicle takes it forward, I’m okay with that.”

You can stream Tewari’s latest release ‘Tootay’ on Radio City Freedom and across other leading music portals.

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