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Dil Bechara Movie Review: A Letter to an Actor Who Lived, Laughed and Loved | 91.1 FM Radio City Movie Review
Dil Bechara

Dil Bechara Movie Review: A Letter to an Actor Who Lived, Laughed and Loved

- Vijayalakshmi Narayanan Cast : Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi, Saswata Chatterjee, Swastika Mukherjee, Sahil Vaid, Saif Ali Khan Director : Mukesh Chhabra Genre : Romance
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Dear Sushant,

Your friend JP (played by Sahil Vaid) says in the climax, ‘Humko Woh Duniya Dekhni Hi Nahi Hai, Jismein Manny Nahi Ho’ (I don’t want to see a world where Manny isn’t there) and that hit the gut like a ton of bricks. It felt that in that fleeting moment, JP wasn’t speaking for himself but for millions of fans who have been grieving your absence since you’ve been gone. Yes, we don’t want to see a world of movies that does not have you.

Another scene sees you lying on your grandmother’s lap and worrying about the uncertainty of life ahead. I couldn’t help but ponder how ironic it is that you had the presence of loved ones around you to comfort you on-screen while you were deprived of it in reality. How I wish that you could have given your fans one chance to show you how much they love you. In a world of Instagram Lives, reaching out to you may or may not have been difficult, but was certainly not impossible. Maybe, you could’ve tried, just once.

Whether we ever learn the truth behind your tragic end or not, we shall remember you and cherish you like Kizie does. From Manav to Manny, we shall celebrate the magic and happiness you’ve brought in our lives through your films. This maybe your last film, but for many out there who still choose to believe in the power of dreams, ‘Dil Bechara’ is a beacon of hope and belief.

Thank you for making us believe again.

To Sanjana: Kizie struggles to hope. But when she eventually discovers her purpose, she learns to live life to the fullest. You brought a lot of charm and innocence to her. Welcome to the movies. Please stay.

To Saswata: In a world where men are pressurized to man up and act tough, your eyes spoke volumes about your vulnerability. But more importantly, you showed how cool daddies really are.

To Swastika: Even while you put up the façade of being a strict matriarch, you hold back the helplessness and pain of watching your loved one suffer.

To Saif: Despite your bitterness and resentment, you prove that you leave a lasting impression even in a brief appearance.

To Sahil: You lose your vision but you see the beauty and goodness of people when most of us fail.

Lastly, to director Mukesh Chhabra: You prove that even in a seemingly ruthless and bitter place, true friendships will stand the test of time. ‘Dil Bechara’ maybe your first film as a director, but it also serves as a fitting tribute from one friend to another on a dream, they both saw together.

In one hour and forty minutes, ‘Dil Bechara’ reminds us to let our cynical selves take a backseat. In these times of gloom and despair, we can choose kindness, empathy and friendship.

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