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Lockdown was a learning experience but hard on me: Armaan Malik | Bollywood Celebrity Interviews

Lockdown was a learning experience but hard on me: Armaan Malik

By - Vijayalakshmi Narayanan

AUGUST 23,2020

Armaan Malik

In an interview with RJ Archana, the nation’s sensational heartthrob singer Armaan Malik spoke about the times when he was vulnerable following the enforcement of the nationwide lockdown. “Of course, I had so many low moments during the lockdown. I have broken down so many times. Especially, when the lockdown began. The initial days where I had to adjust would weigh me down. I had just released my English single, ‘Control’ and at that time everyone were trying to figure out a way to hold promotional interviews. Suddenly I had to arrange for myself and hold Zoom calls without a stand or a selfie stick in place. It was very stressful since I’ve had a team to always manage everything for me from the way I looked to what I spoke. Of course, it was a learning experience for me but lockdown was hard. There have been moments where I would tell my parents that I just want to sleep. But what saved me during the lockdown was music. The amount of music I’ve put out in this period has helped me distract myself from the anxiety. Because whenever I would open my phone, I would always be greted with negative news and stories from across the world. So, the only positives for me was creating music and receiving love from the fans.”

When asked about how his parents were of a huge support to him, the ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ singer states, “If you look at the music video of ‘Zara Thehro’, it has been shot by my dad (Daboo Malik) on his phone. So, my parents have been of immense support to me during this period. They would take care of all the technicalities. My mom is not very tech savvy but dad has been particularly very helpful.”

Having released five songs during the lockdown period, the singer discovered a more self-reliant , confident self to his personality, “There were times when my dad would interrupt me and tell me to fix my hair during an interview. So initially, he would give me a lot of directions and supervise my videos. But then I got a lot of equipment from ring lights to stands and converted my home into a workshop. Now, I’m able to manage it pretty much myself.”

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