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It is very important that your co-actors are as competent: Big B | Bollywood Celebrity Interviews

It is very important that your co-actors are as competent: Big B

By - Team RadioCity

JUNE 09,2016

Amitabh Bachchan

Team Radio City caught up with the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Shri. Amitabh Bachchan. Read our excerpt from an enlightening interview with him.

The reception to the trailer of ‘Te3n’ has been tremendous. Please tell us about the Kolkata connection.

I got my first job there and spent seven to eight years there. So when you spend some time in a particular place, obviously, you will feel attached to the place. So whenever I find time through my work, I like to visit Kolkata. The city has its own charm. The people are very affectionate and passionate towards art and music.

There is a shot of the South Park cemetery which we believe is beautiful.

It is in the middle of the city and funnily I had never visited that place. Initially we had planned to shoot the movie in Goa but due to lack of official permissions, we decided to shift base to Kolkata. So Sujoy (Ghosh) promised me that he would show me certain places where I’ve never been to. So if you ever read up the history behind the architecture of these buildings, you would be surprised to find some interesting stories and would want to go back in time.

We remember a story about you shooting for a song in ‘Do Anjaane’ by the Hooghly river. Please tell us about that.

The song was shot in Botanical Gardens by the banks of the river. So whenever we would shoot, people would crowd the set. So our crew would decide that we sit in the steamers and head back. So once, when we sat and were leaving, people gathered in large numbers and some of them just jumped into the water and swam with us to the other side. This was just their way of expressing their love for us.

We hear that the security arrangements in Kolkata were really tightened during the filming of this film.

Yes, it was and I am very grateful to them for their service. But even then, there was never an instance where we felt like we cannot shoot today. So there was never an awkward moment and the shooting went on pretty smoothly.

You are very connected to your followers on social media. Do you think it is necessary for an actor to stay connected with his fans?

Absolutely it is. I don’t see anything wrong in it. We do not get an opportunity to meet all of them so thankfully, social media has bridged that gap. We would also like to know what the views of our fans are. Some of them are extremely bright and intelligent people, so it give us great joy in connecting with them.

You’ve also sang a song for ‘Te3n’ called ‘Kyun Re’. Please tell us about the track.

As you would have noticed in the trailer, the story is about an Anglo Indian couple. Clinton (Cerejo), who is a very renowned musician and arranger, has composed this song for a grandfather who is in thought about his granddaughter. So it was his idea that I sing the song as he felt that it could add an emotional connect to the song.  

We hear that you practiced scooter riding at Juhu, early in the morning? Is that true?

I don’t have any great experience of riding a motorcycle so I thought maybe I should take up the scooter. So I would practice at the huge maidans in Kolkata before commencing the shoot for the day.

Speaking of Vidya Balan, this is your second film together after ‘Paa’. How much has she grown as an actress in your opinion?

She is a much sorted actress and is a very compatible actor. It is very important that your co-actors are as competent in their performances as your director would want it. Because if that’s not there then even you can’t put your best foot forward. So Vidya, Nawazuddin, Irrfan or Deepika, they are all very compatible and competent as they put in the same efforts in their performances as the director wants it from them.

For the movie promotions, a lot of audience participation has been sought for. So have any interesting ideas come up from the audience?

Firstly, we decided not to do promotional trails as our film is small in terms of budget and actors. So we decided why not ask the audiences as to how to promote the movie. So we kept different competitions and the marketing team will help us select the best entries and we will recognize those contributions.

Lastly your message for your readers.

Just like everyone else does, we too would like that everyone sees the film. The story is different and gripping. The way it is shot an presented would surely entertain you and I hope, you all like the film.

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