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Initially I used to make movies for the money: Akshay Kumar | Bollywood Celebrity Interviews

Initially I used to make movies for the money: Akshay Kumar

By - Team RadioCity

JUNE 09,2016

Akshay Kumar

Team Radio City caught up with Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez as the stars spilled some beans about their work and their beliefs. Read on for a super fun and quick chat.

Akshay how do you manage to deliver a successful film franchise whether it is Hera Pheri or Housefull?

Akshay: I believe it is all about the positive attitude towards the work. If the energy is negative on the set, then the film turns out to be bad irrespective of how good the script is. But if there is a tussle between two people on the set, it sends out a negative vibe.  There is a lot of positivity in ‘Housefull 3’ because it is possibly the first entertainer of this year. We’ve had a lot of serious films coming out this year, whether it is ‘Airlift’ or ‘Sarbjit’.

You have managed to redefine the way the audience look forward to your movies by making very conscious decisions with ‘Special 26’, ‘Baby’, ‘Airlift’ and now ‘Rustom’. How do you feel about this response?

Akshay: I feel good because initially I used to make movies for the money. Now I like making movies for my passion and I like choosing unusual scripts. But that doesn’t mean that I stop doing comedy. As an actor, even I like to have some fun so I have decided to balance it out. I do an intense film and then chill out by doing a comedy film. That’s how I keep it going. (winks)

Jacqueline, this is your third collaboration with Akshay after ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Brothers’. How much has the equation changed?

Jacqueline: I’ve asked him to become my accountant now because I do need a few lessons on how to save money. Let me tell you that being an actor is a huge investment. (laughs). Also, I’ve learnt a lot about comic timing from him. And thanks to him, I’ve become quite disciplined as well.

Jackie, who is the absolute foodie among you all?

Jacqueline: It has to be Abhishek. He was always the one who would decide which place offers the best food. So he was the captain of the ship.

Akshay in every Housefull film, there is an animal. Who do we see in this film?

Akshay: There is an earthworm in this film. Its name is Sundi and that’s me. He has a split personality disorder, so one moment he is Sandy, and the next moment he becomes Sundi. But playing that part was difficult as I had to switch between two characters in a single shot which was pretty taxing.

Akshay, people have really applauded you for the self-defense classes you’ve initiated. How does that make you feel?

I feel happy to have initiated it because we had a maid who used to come and learn from us. And today, she has quit her job and is now teaching the girls in her area. So I feel good to know that I did contribute in a small way.

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