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I was the most undisciplined kid at school: Tiger Shroff | Bollywood Celebrity Interviews

I was the most undisciplined kid at school: Tiger Shroff

By - Team RadioCity

AUGUST 29,2016

A Flying Jatt

As Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez gear up for the release of their brand new film, ‘A Flying Jatt’, Team Radio City catches up with the hot new on-screen couple in town. We’ve got you their fitness mantra, film trivia and lots more. Read on.

Tiger, you and Jacqueline have a Jackie connection? Have you ever discussed this?

Tiger: No actually not. I don’t like discussing about my Dad with my heroines. It can get awkward sometimes. (smiles)

Jacqueline, since your movie addresses environmental issues, we believe you’re quite a nature lover yourself, aren’t you?

Jacqueline: I have been like that. When we are in Sri Lanka, we’re always in our sarongs and running around barefoot.

Do you see any of the nature loving streaks in Tiger? Because when he runs, we feel like he is running for World Peace

Jacqueline: Since I am a nature lover, it is about striking a balance between being in the city and then being in the midst of nature while taking a break. It is an important balance to maintain. So, I think that Tiger is a nature lover; he doesn’t seem like a city-bred guy. He loves peaceful places and he is an animal lover as well.

Tiger: I like peaceful places like the beaches, islands and mountains.

But in the rushes of the movie, you seem to be getting into a lot of mishaps and accidents. Are you accident prone in real life?

Tiger: Sometimes, because the kind of stunts and action sequences I do are not normal or safe. Especially while performing anything related to gymnastics and martial arts.

Jacqueline: I agree with that because I am very clumsy as a person.

So tell us honestly if you’ve ever got a bone broken?

Tiger: No, except for the one instance while filming for ‘Baaghi’ where I suffered from a slipped disc, but I recovered pretty fast.

Jacqueline: Really? How did you recover so fast?

Tiger: Well, I Just got lucky.

Because let us tell you that many of our readers who drive vehicles while rushing to and from work go through a lot of stress with their backs. So would you like to share a tip on how did you swing back into action?

Tiger: I stress a lot upon flexibility. Because my body is nimble and supple, I tend to recover much faster.

So we don’t think that you would ever require a body double? But have you asked for one?

Tiger: Since we are trying to showcase a different level of action with this film, I had to a lot of the sequences myself. Because I had really prepped up a lot before we started shooting for the film. There were some shots where Remo Sir required of me to take a lot of the beating since I was up against our villain Nathan Jones who is 7’10.

7’10? How would you’ve felt like standing in front of someone that tall?

Jacqueline: I actually came upto his belly button. (laughs)

Tiger: All I will say that it has been a good experience. He is a thorough professional. He’s been into wrestling so he knows how to control his weight. In all our hand to hand combats, he was controlling the power of his punches, so even if he would hit me, he ensured it was light enough.

You know, the kind of role that you are playing in the film is what Akshay Kumar would ideally want to do. When we asked him if he’d ever want to do a superhero film, he said that the film should be like, the superhero bit is there but it is not showing. In short, he can refer to what you are doing now. Have you ever looked up to any of the actors who’ve played superheroes in the past?

Tiger: Hrithik Roshan. He is my inspiration in whatever I do. ‘Krrish’ is one of my favourite superhero films. I’ve referred to the film before I started filming ‘A Flying Jatt’ for the body language.

Jacqueline: No, it is not easy. I don’t think people realise how much of hard work goes into a superhero film. Right from the costumes to the harness work, etc.

So how tight is the costume?

Tiger: (laughs) It is quite tight.

Jacqueline, tell us about your role in the film?

Jacqueline: So I am playing the superhero’s love interest in the film. For me, I’ve grown up watching superhero flicks. I would always look forward to superhero movies. It is a lot of fun to recreate and live in that dreamy fantasy world. So, I enjoyed my experience.

Could you recount any particular experience with Tiger while shooting for the film?

Jacqueline: Firstly, this was a very difficult film to shoot because we had to interlace humour with action. So it was quite a tedious process. So Tiger would wait for the shoot to get over only so he could go and empty himself (laughs). He was under tremendous pressure because of the costume, the harness and Nathan. (laughs) So it was tiresome experience for sure.

Tiger, how jealous do your friends feel that you’re getting to work with the greats of Nathan?

Tiger: They don’t get jealous. On the contrary, they wish me well. They tell me to take care and not to break a leg. They are very supportive.

Well, we believe that we started the trend of flying heroes with Hanumanji? How much do you believe in him?

Tiger: I always read the Hanuman Chalisa because it calms me and helps me channelize my energies.

It must be a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders with such films. Do you advise kids to not try the stunts that you do?

Tiger: Whenever, I interact with kids, I always tell them to try stunts but with adequate supervision. They should not do anything without supervision.

Tiger, we really adore the camaraderie that you share with Amrita Singh, you who plays your mother in the movie? Is she like what we see of her in movies?

Tiger: Yes she is, she is very open about what she says. I am the complete opposite of her. I keep quiet while she does all the talking.

Jacqueline: She is a livewire. She is such a fun person to hang around with. Also, she is very hilarious. The scenes between Nathan and her are to die for. Once she finished filming the scenes, she would get scared and run away from Nathan. We believe, Nathan got more scared than her. 

Tiger, how has the experience been of working with Jacqueline?

Tiger: I’d like to say that if ever a film on a super girl is made, it has to star Jackie. Because she has got all the amazing qualities to be one.

Has she ever impressed you with her acrobats?

Tiger: Absolutely, we actually know each other much before the shoot of the film. She is very athletic and she can keep up with the guy when it comes to her energy. Which is why I believe she is a brilliant performer.

Jackie, now that you’ve also turned judge on a dance show, how much would you rate Tiger for his dance?

Jacqueline: Oh my God! I don’t know how I could judge Tiger on his dance. It would be a very difficult thing to do because; he mixes his stunts with his dance. He has come a long way with his technique and experience which is why people look up to him for inspiration.

So let us talk about ‘Beat Pe Booty’? What would you advise our readers for a flattering bottom, if we say so?

Jacqueline: There is the sumo squat, straight squat and lunges that help.

Tiger: It was a very different song to shoot for me. Because I used to get nervous while shooting around Jacqueline knowing how good is she as a dancer.

Jacqueline: it is a quirky peppy club song of a different kind. I remember going to the set for the first time to shoot for the song and I was wondering, how is this a club song seeing the set. Then I was told that since the movie is based on a superhero, a certain theme was created around the set.

Tiger, did you ever get spanked on your booty by the teachers at school?

Tiger: Yes I did, because I was the most undisciplined kid at school. So I did get a couple during my training. Also, I was never into studies. Because I was of the belief that it doesn’t do you any good but yes, basic education is a must.

 So did you have a crush on your teacher?

Tiger: Yes, my History teacher. She was very pretty.

Coming to the music, isn’t it quite a deal to have Atif Aslam sing for your film, especially when he is the rockstar from across the border?

Tiger: It’s an honour having him sing for us. I believe that if there is anyone after Kishore Kumar who sings beautifully, it is Atif sir. There is so much emotion in his voice, that it makes the actor’s job easier.

Do you think a superhero romancing is a great idea?

Jacqueline: It is. Atleast for me. It’s a quirky, cute idea to see a superhero romancing a girl. Infact, we had received many suggestions from fans on what all should the superhero do while with his girl.

Tiger: What do you do to remain energetic?

Tiger:  I eat and sleep on time. Even if I have super busy day, I try to remove at least half an hour to forty five minutes for exercise.

Jackie, your fitness mantra?

Jacqueline: Be well balanced. Balance your meals, and your social life with your work. Do nothing in excess

What is the secret behind the fringe cut for the movie?

Jacqueline: My character is a klutz and a simple girl so I wanted her to be very regular and not the usually glamorous one that I am shown to be.  There had to be a cute element in the look which I hope I’ve accomplished with the fringe look.

Your favourite accessories?

Jacqueline: Sunglasses, I love them. Earring, necklaces and the list goes on.

Five must haves in your bag right now?

Jacqueline: Keys g the house, cellphone, credit card, lip balm, hand sanitizer

Tiger, was it a pressure when this role was offered to you considering Hrithik and SRK have played superheroes?

Tiger: Yes, Dad had also done a superhero film with ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’ and there was ‘Shaktimaan’ ‘before that. So it was a huge responsibility on me as Hrithik sir being my idol, had done a lot of justice to his role. So I knew I had to live up to it.

Do you think that it becomes a USP to have dancing and fighting as talents for a successful actor?

Tiger: Yes it does because, the audience likes watching movies where the hero saves the girl and most of our movies are musically inclined.

Lastly Jacqueline, we see you doing big banner films but will we ever get to see you dabble in parallel cinema?

Jacqueline: Yes, I am sticking to commercial cinema for now, but that does not mean that I am not open to other films. For me, I stick to commercial films because it has a wide reach and people get to see the amount of hard work you’ve put in. But I shall take up movies depending on what does it have in store for me and how much can I challenge myself on it.

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