AudaCITY is Radio City’s own in-house creative agency that in its own fiercely, uninhibited and free thinking style gets your brand heard. The Gutsy, The Bold, The Freethinkers, and The Perpetual Enthusiasts. AudaCITY is all that and much more.

It’s a defiance against the traditional and the mundane, a voice that rises above the rest, and a spirit that’s undying and forever restless. Because to create something truly extraordinary you need some serious audacity.

Kartik Kalla-EVP Programming, Marketing and Audacity

With a media career spanning over 18 years, Kartik started his journey in advertising where he worked with leading agencies on the biggest brands in the country. He has worked with companies like Leo Burnett, McCann, Contract and Publicis where he handled businesses for Coca-Cola, Sprite, Nestle, Dominos and Reckitt Benckiser, to name a few. He moved to the radio industry in the year ’06 where he has been since. As the National Head of Programming and Creative at Radio City(where he has completed 8 years), he heads a team of over 200 full time creative professionals that includes Radio presenters, Programme directors and sound engineers. Along with managing daily programming and content for the brand, Kartik also managing a team of creative client solutions that carry the mandate of delivering out of the box and innovative solutions for clients.

Jaladhi Chhaya-West II Head, Audacity

Jaladhi - The One man army


Radio was always his preferred genre, so he started off as a copywriter in the programming with Radio city. Over the course of 9 years, he learned several other skills, such as sound editing, recording, voicing, packaging, jingle making and a lot more. He has had a stronghold on prominent clients such as Reliance retail, Vodafone, Godrej, Royal touch, Hyundai, HCG hospitals and many more. He has been a national resource for voicing and production help. Cricket is something he just cannot stop thinking about. In fact, he was in stadium announcer during 2011 world cup matches, played in Ahmedabad. Old film music, ghazals, light music and regional songs is what he always loves listening to.


His favourite quote - "Confidence is silent.. Insecurities are loud"


His strength lies in churning out scripts/productions in minutes; creating simple easy-to-execute ideas and concepts, getting productions done in quick time.

Mumbai Corporate, Chennai & Coimbatore Head
Ahmed Nazari
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Mumbai Retail, Pune, ROM, Gujarat & Nagpur
Deepa Dave
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North Head, Corporate Sales & Kolkata Head
Ravi Thakur
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Delhi Head & Kolkata Head Corporate Sales
Abhinendra Tewari
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North Head Retail Sales
Anshul Munjal
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Retail Sales Head - Mantra
Lakhwinder Singh
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Mumbai Corporate & South Head
Avinash Nair
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