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All Contests : Terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions


  • These terms and conditions will apply to all the contests organized by Radio City [Music Broadcast Limited], whether by itself or in conjunction with any other entity.

  • Contest winners & their relatives are ineligible to participate in any other contest organized by Radio City for 2 calendar months from the date of declaration as a winner.

  • For any contest, the contestants/participants will have to declare, whether he/she or any of his/her relatives [as defined below] have been declared as a winner in past 2 calendar months. If the contestant declares that he/she or his/her relatives have not been declared as winner in past 2 months, and later on it is found untrue, then Radio City will treat such contestant/ participant as ineligible contestant/ participant and incase he has already been declared as a Winner then he would not be eligible to the prize. If the declaration is found untrue after the prize has already been given, then Radio City will have the right to recover the price of the prize. The price of the prize, as determined by Radio City will be final and binding.

  • Relatives would include the following:-

    a. Spouse

    b. Father (including step-father).

    c. Mother (including step-mother).

    d. Son (including step-son).

    e. Son's wife.

    f. Daughter (including step-daughter).

    g. Father's father.

    h. Father's mother.

    i. Mother's mother.

    j. Mother's father.

    k. Son's son.

    l. Son's Son's wife.

    m. Son's daughter.

    n. Son's daughter's husband.

    o. Daughter's husband.

    p. Daughter's son.

    q. Daughter's son's wife.

    r. Daughter's daughter.

    s. Daughter's daughter's husband.

    t. Brother (including step-brother).

    u. Brother's wife.

    v. Sister (including step-sister).

    w. Sister's husband.

  • All contests would be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

  • If the gratification is not claimed within 10 days of the winner receiving a call from Radiocity 91.1Fm, he/she will not be able to claim it thereafter.

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