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Bhakta Tukaram Movie Hits Vol 1

Bhakta Tukaram Movie Hits Vol 1

The movie is based on the story of Tukaram. Tukaram (ANR) is a small-time trader with two wives Rukma Bai (Jr. Sreeranjani) and Avali Bai (Anjali Devi). Tukaram is however not interested in worldly matters and is always immersed in God. He is a fervent devotee of Panduranga, whose praises he sings daily. He faces a lot of problems because of his devotion. People take advantage of his nature, and cheat him. His family suffers, and his first wife Rukma dies of starvation during a famine. His family falls on hard times, and he questions the very existence of God. When he tries to commit suicide in despair, he experiences Divine Enlightenment, and becomes totally devoted to God and writes kirtans or Abhangs devoted to the God.



Bhale Bhale
Karunaamaya Devaa
V. Ramakrishna
Dhanyalakshmi Vachchinndhi
P. Susheela
Ghana Ghana Sundara
Chindulu Veeyakuraa
Kaliyugam Misamisalu
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
Maasuna Neeve Nilachinavela
P. Susheela, V. Ramakishna